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How to get your Scanner to work with sane

using the example of the Medion MD 9458

1. install sane, in my case (ubuntu linux) with synaptic

2.connect your scanner to your pc and type in the console:
sane should hopefully find your scanner.

3. find out via
#man sane
you will be forwarded to other man-pages, in this case:
#man sane-mustec_usb
where you figure out by reading carefully that you actually need
#man sane-gt68xx
There you find what to do next

3. change the config-file (as root) for your scanner (according to the information in the man-page) found in:
in this case the gt68xx.conf
according to the information in the man-page. In the case of the Medion MD 9458 uncomment the lines:
override "artec-ultima-2000"
vendor "Medion"
model "MD 9458"
and save the changes.

4. take the driver-disk of your scanner and find the xxx.usb for your scanner, here the ePlus2k.usb and copy it to
making sure it is readable for everyone!
you can also try to download it under:

5. type in a console
if your scanner does something and you see a lot of garbage on the screen: congratulations, your scanner works, that's it, Jump to point 7!

6. if you get a message telling you the .usb-file wasn't found, change the name to the one sane was looking for, in this case gt680xfw.usb
Now you can type
again an you shoud see the output of your scanner

7. Congratulations!
You should now be able to scan with a gui-frontend like xsane or kooka.