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Printer CLP-310N

Printer CLP-310N

Printer Samsung CLP-310N under Kubuntu 9.10

The printer works perfectly fine unter Kubuntu. The colors are very strong with the standart settings, but you can reduce them in the printer settings. Access them by entering the IP-adress of your Printer in your Browser.

You can use the printer also without installing Samsungs unified printer drivers. Just click "New Printer" in the printer settings dialog, choose the last one of the 3 shown ones, so that your Printer-URI looks like this:


Then coose the driver for the CLP-315N (!) and you're done. Using the driver 310N causes the printer to print "SPL-C ERROR - Please use the proper driver". Changing the printer driver after Installation did't work for me either, delete the printer and reinstall it!

Further settings can be done later, like in my case setting the default color mode to "Monochrome".

When printing the "properties" will override the settings in the normal printing dialog. i.e. when setting in the printing dialog to color mode, but in properties -> advanced (german: Eigenschaften -> Erweitert) the printer is set to Monochrome it will print only black.


German keywords: Drucker einrichten Linux Ubuntu Netzwerk Netzwerkdrucker