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lenovo S10-2

lonovo S10-2 Netbook with Kubuntu Linux

For almost a week I use the lenovo S10-2 Netbook with Kubuntu 9.10 now.


So far it is a great Netbook. All hardwar is working right away, even the webcam. Just for the WiFi the proprietary driver is necessary.


I am using it with 2GB RAM and I have no problems concerning the speed with the normal Kubuntu edition (not the Netbook remix). But I have the HD-Screen which I think is really necessary. The picture is bright, clear and sharp, although the high resolution is probably not for people that have problems with small writing.


The battrey lasts more than 4 hours in normal office/internet use. The keyboard is nice to write on, although it is just a little slower than on a real one. But I have seen real bad ones, like the ones in the first eee-pc. The reflective display is anoying, but it is hard to find a non-reflecting with a higher resolution.


The netbook is really quiet, it is hard to hear it at all. Also the leds are not too bright, actually in daylight the 3 small led's for battery/power/wifi are hard to see at all. But who needs those anyway...


A little anoying is the battery-pack, that sticks out quite a bit and lets the display only open to about 130 degrees. The normal pictures in the shops don't show that pack.


All-in-all it is a great Netbook for the price, after my first tests I can definately recommend it!