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Calibrate Display

How to calibrate you Display under Ubuntu using the Spyder2-Hardware (and other?)

First of all:

apt-get install argyll

The Sypder2 from Colorvision needs the Firmware. Get the CVSpyder.dll from the windows installation of the driver.


sudo spyd2en -v ./CVSpyder.dll

to cut the necessary parts from the dll and put it to a system folder.

To generate your color profile type

dispcal -v -y l -o filename_profile

in the console.

The ending ".icc" will be added by dispcal.

For several monitors the flag "-d" is necessary. Otherwise deactivate it with xrandr

To load the profile:

xcalib filename_profile.icc

Since this is necessary at every boot be sure to write it in a start-script, in kde for example in /home/user/.kde/Autostart/ Don't forget to make the script executable:

chmod +x


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