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LaTeX and Drawings

Make Drawings in LaTeX

LaTeXDraw is a very simple tool for making small drawings and scetches. You will get the pstricks LaTeX code which you may insert in your LaTeX-Document.

You can do the same thing with Inkscape, but I think there are some advantages by doing it with LaTeXDraw:

- the code is clean and Human-Readable

- the software is very simple to use - not all those many fuctions that make vector drawing programs hard to use

- the magnetic grid is probably the best: your free-hand drawings are always straight and tidy with that!


The only problem is, that the pstricks-code is not compatible with pdflatex, you will get an error: 

[PDFLaTeX] finished with exit code 1

xxx.tex:xx:Undefined control sequence }


To get a pdf you will first need to latex to a dvi, then DVItoPS, finishing with the PStoPDF command.

If using Kile as LaTeX-Editor (like me) you can easyly change the "QuickBuild"-Button to do all this with just one click:


and at the top choose



Even PDF-Links will work then in your file.




German Keywords: Zeichnung, Raster, Vektorzeichnung, magnetisch